Across Liberia, We Are United In Our Dedeication To Women And Children’s Right

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Why choose us

Destined Kids Assistance Program (DEKAP) is a truly transformative, trustworthy and compassionate driven charity which was established March 30th, 2012 as an accredited national nonprofit in Liberia. (Registration#: MFDP/NGO/AC#1294). As a nonprofit, we are dedicated to lifting the underprivileged children, youth and women from poverty through empowerment programs for the fulfillment of their destinies. We are a child focused, women and disability support organization with operational office in Paynesville Liberia, West Africa.

Our services are in five (5) of the fifteen (15) Counties of Liberia:

1. Across communities in Montserrado County

2. Totoquelleh and Lowomah communities in Gbarpulu County

3. James Town and Wheazon communities in Rivercess County

4. Sowah and Paye’s Town communities in GrandBassa County

5. Joseph Town in Bomi County

Our Story

Founder Message

I’m Helena Wenneh, the founder and Executive Director of Destined Kids Assistance program (DEKAP). My experience as an orphan growing up among many other children including my siblings who were all helped by a relative inspired me to want to give back to humanity by helping others succeed likewise. As an adult, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for children particularly children in difficult circumstances. Today, even though I have one biological child, but my home has been a place of rescue for needy children and youth.

The opportunity to be the change I want arose when I was encouraged by my husband who is an instructor at the University of Liberia to begin helping children who we see in our community roaming from house to house and working for community members for food. As we helped the children, the need to also build the livelihood capacity of their parents became necessary as many of them could not afford regular daily meal. We also saw how persons with disabilities were been discriminated against while begging alms on the streets along with their children who served as their sighted aid. These children whose futures were surrendered in order to help their parents needed intervention if they must survive as adults.


The idea of Destined Kids Assistance Program came as a result of our desire to help underprivileged children, youth and women transcend from the vicious circle of poverty to a society in which every child, youth and woman attains the right to survival, protection and development for the achievement of their destiny.

We’ve since been established March 30th, 2012 and structured into an accredited nonprofit organization, working in several communities in rural and urban Counties in Liberia providing education sponsorship to children and youth particularly from kindergarten through secondary. We’ve also been engaging women, strengthening their capacities to lift themselves out of poverty by helping them become entrepreneurs; catering for the wellbeing of their children and fighting against child and women sexual abuse, gender equity and justice through community awareness and sensitization programs. I’m in deed grateful to the Almighty for perfecting his promise to needy!!!

Ensuring gender equality and the inclusion of disadvantaged and deprived into nearby communities, schools: affording them opportunity to acquire a sustainable future.

We envisioned a violent free society in which every child, youth and woman attains the right to survival, protection and development for the fulfillment of their destinies.

As a compassionate driven nonprofit, we are focused on fueling the futures of children, youth and women whose futures are at risk. We engage them by providing life changing programs that directly impact them in their communities and break the vicious circle of poverty.

We fight for the rights of every child, youth and women seeking protection, education access, equality, gender justice and social enterprise and sustainable development. We work across communities in Liberia to reach the most vulnerable.

As an institution, we know that it is not easy to bring about the change we envisage; we believed that working together with others can have a bigger impact. As such, we work in collaboration and through partnerships to bring about that change so desired. DEKAP as a nonprofit depends on donations, kind gestures, goodwill and contributions from philanthropist, corporate institutions, other nonprofits, religious and non-religious institutions, networks, individuals and governments to carry out its mission.


DEKAP as a member organization of the Child Protection Network of Liberia, we provide critical services that protect and enable the underprivileged break free from the vicious circle of extreme dehumanizing condition and uncertainties, taking their destinies into their hands.

Destined Kids Assistance Program has supported and continues to support vulnerable Liberian children since 2012. We equip and empower children and young people for a sustainable future through provision, protection and preparation, ensuring that they have the opportunity to fulfill their destiny and make a difference in their families and communities; Eliminating discrimination against women and girls, promoting the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities.