OUR SPONSORSHIIP PROGRAM DEKAP LIBERIA sponsorship service is a bridge that allows children of poor disabled family, including children with disabilities and orphan reach their destinies. it enables a poor child acquire kindergarten through secondary education at a community school close to their vicinity for protection purpose. What the sponsor offer Our sponsorship is cost effective. We offer children to select a school in their community that provides quality education and child friendly environment. We undertake the payment of tuition fees, supplies and visitation at the child school and home. We work with school authorities and families to provide Mentorship to the child. Cost to sponsor a child We encourage our sponsors to contribute as GOD lay in their hearts. We usually provide information sheets from the school that are shared with sponsors. As a sponsor, you’ll be able to see your impact firsthand and through letters, photos from your child. You’ll see how much you’re helping a child through our regular update reports. Children of disabled family including children with disabilities are facing least stable living circumstances. To become a sponsor, please Select a child from our list of children • Fill out online form with your contact • Children in our program are not institutionalize The Impact of Sponsoring a child Research confirms the great positive impact of sponsoring a child. Sponsorship is a terrific way to make a difference in the life of a needy child. Here are summary of some benefits: • A lift from poverty for the entire family sponsorship breaks the vicious cycle of poverty. • A poor child can be given a opportunity to sit in class with other privileged children. • A child is given a change to acquire a brighter future. • It builds their self esteem