MIssion & History

We envisioned a violent free society in which every child, youth and woman attains their rights to survival, protection and development for the realization of their full potentials

 Our Mission is to provide empowerment assistance to support the protection of vulnerable families, economic growth, poverty reduction in and amongst underprivileged families with a commitment to education for all, strengthening their social economic capacities, gender justice and protection in order to acquire a sustainable development.

The aims and objectives of DEKAP are to address and promote the protection, social, education and economic empowerments of underprivileged children, youth and women in Liberia through our child focused, disability and family centered approached;


Providing education assistance to children and youths whose futures are at risk with emphasis on girls’ education and secure their rights to protection and wellbeing;


Promoting dignified living amongst persons with disabilities who are street beggars; persuade them to take up an alternative livelihood and to take such measures as to equip them in attaining such means of living;


To contribute to the reduction of poverty focusing on the support of vulnerable groups


To enhance the skills of needy social segments;


To contribute towards ending discriminations based on gender, empower women and girls by strengthening their social economic status and providing them knowledge and skills needed to live a sustainable and healthy life.;


To associate with like-minded nongovernmental institution and cooperate with any person or body of persons in furtherance of such objectives;


Mobilize resources through partnerships to empower women and girls through income generating activities to help them become self-reliant and financially independent.


Focusing on including strong advocacy for the betterment of vulnerable segments;

Our Aims:

As an NGO, we organize and raise funds from various methods, processes, programs, projects and activities:

a. Engage fundraising through grants from funding agencies through projects;

b. Attracting donors through social media engagements;

c. Organize annual fundraising events;

d. Students and child sponsorship programs;

e. Forging partnerships with corporate and other nonprofits organizations and institutions.

f. Reaching out to religious institution with the plights of vulnerable segments

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