Peace who became disabled in early 2012 as a result of pressure in the eyes is facing a traumatizing life as a result of your situation and needs your urgent intervention to safe the life of her remaining children and hers
In an interview with madam Peace on our live Disability Talk Platform, she took her time and explained her life experiences as a disabled woman living in today Liberia.
Peace had (5) five children but lost one of her daughters to an unexplained brief illness as a result of her inability to take her to the clinic or hospital after been rejected and abandoned by her husband because she was disabled. Her second daughter also was kidnapped by unknown men in a vehicle that pretended to give them lift not even knowing that these guys were evil. They entered the car with joy thinking they have found people that was willing to help them, but that was never the case, according to her they took she and her daughter to the bush and stopped along the way, throw her out of the car and made away with her daughter since 2015. She contacted the police but couldn’t give the police the name of the place the incident took place because she is visually impaired.
Peace story is so sad, but she still has three children she’s struggling with. With the barrier of poverty, social stigma, gender bias and geography isolation women with disabilities are faced with, she’s unable to provide support and care for these children. As such, we need your help to provide means for Peace and her children’s independent living. Peace is a business woman but needs your help to put her back in business. ¬ Disability is not inability. Help Peace and her children survive the horror they are going through.
You can contact madam peace Holder on the following:
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Facebook: destined kids assistance program (DEKAP-Liberia)
Contact: +231777519251 / 886519251